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3D-Models and Drawings
3D Modeling
Image by Kumpan Electric

Our CAD designers and engineers are here to assist you with any modeling needs. We can create models from scratch, a sketch, or reverse engineer a physical part. After your parts are modeled, we can create engineering drawings so your parts are ready to manufacture immediately.


Ember CNC's CAD designers can create drawings using traditional or GD&T standards. We can also update your existing drawings to improve manufacturability, address quality concerns, or support continuous improvement processes.

Engineer Working on Machinery
Designed for Manufacturing

Being able to consistently produce quality parts with a high value-to-cost ratio is essential in today's demanding economy. Let us help optimize your design to reduce waste, lower manufacturing costs, and improve quality.

Ember CNC has engineers and drafters who can create, maintain, and update 3D models and drawings to support current and new product initiatives

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